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I am developing this stupid application for learning Yii.

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Why the hell this is not working as expected .. I need to genuinely work on my jquery skills. FML

Lets try to debug this issue using firebug. I heard it's a pretty neat tool for debugging ajax requests. FML

Ok, we found couple of issues and I must say firebug is really an awesome tool to debug ajax requests as well. FML

Ok, let's try this one as well. May be it'll work, may be it's not. Mostly it won't since some guru people have told it may not work this way. FML

Awesome!! finally things are moving. FML

Postgres Dev & Crane Databases, Endpoint SSL & Multiple Ruby Version Support FML

Why no new FML today. Well, here you go. It should show up today with new icon. FML

One or many? yet to be decided. FML