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Ok, here you go. One more to test the redirection part. FML

Ok, lets try this one. Let's see if it makes any difference though I seriously doubt it. FML

Guess I found the issue. It was such a stupid mistake but when you know something, not knowing it sounds stupid only. FML

Will this work now?? That is certainly an issue but would it fix? Lets see. FML

It should show clearly if the div is being updated. What do you say??? FML

Lets try to debug this issue using firebug. I heard it's a pretty neat tool for debugging ajax requests. FML

Hooo Hoooooooooooooooooo!!!! it worked, I can't beleive. It worked :-) FML

Postgres Dev & Crane Databases, Endpoint SSL & Multiple Ruby Version Support FML

One or many? yet to be decided. FML

Today, I submitted a test, FML GPL