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Today, I was trying to convince my husband to not trim the lower branches of my favorite tree. After pleading my case, I turned around and ran smack into one of said branches. My face and my dignity still hurt. FML

Ok, here is another one to see the issue. There is definitely something wrong which is spoiling the party. FML

Lets try to debug this issue using firebug. I heard it's a pretty neat tool for debugging ajax requests. FML

Today, my first date consisted of him and me in the emergency room of the hospital after his little brother hit me in the face with a baseball bat.

Ok, what makes every story get stored twice?? FML

Get inside your customer's head with the world's most trusted survey tool. FML

Ok, now this is a new one which doesn't know where to start and where to end and who knows anyway what is happening in this nonsense world to stop the mayhem FML

Today, I spilled boiling water on my legs. A coworker told me that putting mustard on the burn would heal it. I ended up at the emergency room. When people walked by I could hear them say "it smells like hot dogs". FML

I don't know why this ajax refresh is not working. Help me someone!!! FML

Hopefully I will soon find a fix for this issue. FML