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Ok, now this is a new one which doesn't know where to start and where to end and who knows anyway what is happening in this nonsense world to stop the mayhem FML

Lets try to debug this issue using firebug. I heard it's a pretty neat tool for debugging ajax requests. FML

I ended up joining this nonsense website. FML

It should show clearly if the div is being updated. What do you say??? FML

Ok, lets try this one. Let's see if it makes any difference though I seriously doubt it. FML

Ok, we found couple of issues and I must say firebug is really an awesome tool to debug ajax requests as well. FML

I don't know why this ajax refresh is not working. Help me someone!!! FML

Today, I got a ticket for panhandling to get gas money so that I could both drive out to a job interview AND still have enough gas to pick up my dad. Apparently, these particular cops had nothing better to do than harass me for standing quietly next to a freeway entrance with a silly sign. FML

Why no new FML today. Well, here you go. It should show up today with new icon. FML

Get inside your customer's head with the world's most trusted survey tool. FML