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Today, my first date consisted of him and me in the emergency room of the hospital after his little brother hit me in the face with a baseball bat.

Postgres Dev & Crane Databases, Endpoint SSL & Multiple Ruby Version Support FML

I don't know why this ajax refresh is not working. Help me someone!!! FML

Today, in a training class, I got to see a picture of what can happen when a man does not wear a safety harness correctly. For those of you who are unaware, male body parts are easily severed by loose straps. I cannot un-see that picture. It wasn't even a harness safety class. FML

Will this work now?? That is certainly an issue but would it fix? Lets see. FML

Today, I was trying to convince my husband to not trim the lower branches of my favorite tree. After pleading my case, I turned around and ran smack into one of said branches. My face and my dignity still hurt. FML

Ok, here you go. One more to test the redirection part. FML

Ok, lets add some more stories to check moderation. FML

Ok, what makes every story get stored twice?? FML

Ok, lets try this one. Let's see if it makes any difference though I seriously doubt it. FML