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Hooo Hoooooooooooooooooo!!!! it worked, I can't beleive. It worked :-) FML

Get inside your customer's head with the world's most trusted survey tool. FML

Ok, here you go. One more to test the redirection part. FML

Today, my first date consisted of him and me in the emergency room of the hospital after his little brother hit me in the face with a baseball bat.

Guess I found the issue. It was such a stupid mistake but when you know something, not knowing it sounds stupid only. FML

Ok, let's try this one as well. May be it'll work, may be it's not. Mostly it won't since some guru people have told it may not work this way. FML

Can you post more code: the whole view (or a larger part of it), and of course the controller part (the 'clickMe' action)? FML

Postgres Dev & Crane Databases, Endpoint SSL & Multiple Ruby Version Support FML

asdd GPL

Ok, lets see if ajax refresh is now working. I am yet to figure out why each story is being saved twice. FML