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Guess I found the issue. It was such a stupid mistake but when you know something, not knowing it sounds stupid only. FML

I don't know why this ajax refresh is not working. Help me someone!!! FML

asdd GPL

Today, I spilled boiling water on my legs. A coworker told me that putting mustard on the burn would heal it. I ended up at the emergency room. When people walked by I could hear them say "it smells like hot dogs". FML

Ok, lets add some more stories to check moderation. FML

Today, I was trying to convince my husband to not trim the lower branches of my favorite tree. After pleading my case, I turned around and ran smack into one of said branches. My face and my dignity still hurt. FML

It should show clearly if the div is being updated. What do you say??? FML

Ok, now this is a new one which doesn't know where to start and where to end and who knows anyway what is happening in this nonsense world to stop the mayhem FML

Awesome!! finally things are moving. FML

Ok, we found couple of issues and I must say firebug is really an awesome tool to debug ajax requests as well. FML